It's all about Gingrich

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With Rick Perry's endorsement and Rick Santorum taking Iowa, Newt Gingrich looks south. According to a National Public Radio article, South Carolina: Gingrich's last stand?, former House Speaker, Gingrich, will have to go all in for the upcoming primary to make his case against his alternative Mitt Romney.

Just a few short days before the primary Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, set out to bring Gingrich's poll numbers to a halt. Gingrich has been described as holding a "leadership by chaos" approach during his days as speaker according to former New York representative Susan Molinari. There have also been speculation regarding his claim to build new job opportunities to stimulate the economy as stated in an First Read article, Romney campaign launches offensive against Gingrich, by Garrett Haake. 

As of his most recent debate, Gingrich received a standing ovation, one could say his strength lies with his speaking ability, just like that of President Barack Obama. But when it comes to his personal life Gingrich might be considered a hypocrite to many. Policies aside, Gingrich's second wife, Marianne Gingrich, has come out with accusations against his unfaithful marriage to her which may affect his campaign supporting strong moral family values. 

Gingrich hasn't been directly involved with governmental affairs since 1999. South Carolina will either be his victory or his shortcoming.