Highlights from the sunshine state

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 Fannie Mae and Freddi Mac. No, they are not presidential candidates for the GOP in 2012 but they made an impact in the Florida Debates Jan. 26. 

Fannie and Freddie made Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney mad. It seems there is a punch coming any second. In Romney's mind Gingrich was a "horn-tooter" not a "whistle-blower" when he was involved in helping the investment companies. While Gingrich compares his investments over the years as a "tiny mouse" to the "giant elephant" of Romney's. 

What I found appalling in the immigration talks was that one of Mitt Romney's commercials quoted Newt Gingrich as saying that every American should speak fluent english instead of "the language of the ghetto," not only is that offensive but wrong to pass judgment on those who might have voted for you but will probably no longer pay attention to your stance. 

It's Ron Paul and Rick Santorum against Gingrich and Romney it seems. One of Paul's thoughts on the night dealing with foreign influence lasted about half the time of the other candidates and had to do with changing relations with Cuba which he finished by calling Santorum a bully in that area. With Santorum having a strong night and telling why he didn't believe in the way Barack Obama sided with Hugo Chàvez and Fidel Castro on Latin American affairs. 

The debates seem to branch so far off of each question asked it is a wonder half of the American population even understands where each candidate is standing. The accusations between the four may be entertaining but in reality they are nothing but annoyances to those who want to know candidate stances.