Michigan: A tell-all state for Romney

After almost five weeks and countless searches on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website I have finally found the major elections page, Georgia and National Elections 2012

It is the full package. Candidate profilesblogstwitter handlespollsvideos and even a special countdown for Super Tuesday, which will play a major role in Georgia. In order to find this page though I had to click through at least three different links. This is a problem. Especially with only 12 days left until it's time for the state to choose its stance in the 2012 GOP polls, this page should be a prominent homepage link. 

As for now Michigan seems to be in the spotlight, and with the fight brewing between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney it looks like Pure Michigan may be getting a little murky. According to Jamie Dupree, AJC Washington Insider blogger, "Michigan might be more of a 'must win' for Romney then Santorum." Starting tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 23) Romney will be spending some extra time in the state where his father was once governor, looking to rally the biggest auto industry state in the United States to his side. Michigan has voted democratic in the last five elections and holds 16 possible delegates.

Not only is Santorum posing a threat against Romney in his home state, but, a Pro-Barack Obama group is running an anti-Romney campaign as well. The organization behind the ads, Priorities USA Action, is an independent support group but they attach themselves to the current President. The group attributes an article Romney wrote for the New York Times in 2008 with the headline, Let Detroit Go Bankrupt, painting the former Massachusetts governor in a negative light. Romney opposed an $80 billion bailout for the automobile industry while the auto companies were declining at San Francisco downhill rate. However, opposing candidate Santorum also declined the bailout. 

Now that the race is becoming more interesting there is more reason to pay attention. Santorum is making a last minute surge before Super Tuesday, Romney is losing money as stated by Jamie Dupree in his earlier mentioned blog post and Ron Paul has even made a poke a Santorum's fake conservatism at tonights debate in Arizona. 

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 8.48.25 PM.png

And what's a good election without some controversial political cartoons?