Gingrich looks home

Although Rick Santorum took in two state caucuses this weekend with Colorado and Minnesota the Atlanta Journal-Constitution did not have much to say on the matter. Not only was the Santorum news an Associated Press piece but I had to dig to find it among the Georgia politics section. 

If anyone gets recognition it's Gingrich. Which is understandable given that he represented the state for 20 years until 1999. Super Tuesday will be the tell-all for the Gingrich campaign, though. In the article, Gingrich looks forward to Georgia, Super Tuesday, it states that the former Georgia congressman is looking toward the south for most of his votes in the upcoming months. 

When candidate – and major rival – Mitt Romney made a surprise appearance in Georgia Feb. 8, Gingrich's team, worried, made sure the state knew that their former congressman would be making a two day swing through very soon. According to an AP article, Georgia primary may not be a Gingrich slam dunk, Georgia is the largest catch of the 10 state Super Tuesday race. And if Gingrich doesn't win, the road to a nomination may get a whole lot lounger. 

Within this article I did find a small section of headlines geared toward Election 2012 across the nation, though. One of which included an interactive graphic.

In the last four weeks of studying AJC this has been the most helpful link I have found. The problem: it took me a month to find. Know the candidates shows the profiles of all eight original GOP candidates along with President Barack Obama, as well as all of the major issues discusses throughout the campaigns. So if you are looking for campaign news on the AJC I recommend starting here.