Two ballots, one vote

Covering the April 3 Wisconsin primaries was an interesting experience. It gave you a real feel for what the broadcasting world would be like – finding the story, compiling the package and filling in the blanks with reporting. Allison Kruschke and I chose to take the angle of following freshman Wisconsin native throughout the campus voting process. Once finished with the filming aspect we did some research and found a way to lead into the exit interview we had with Martina Ibanez and then made the two flow together. 

Ibanez had registered to vote in her hometown of Wauwatosa, Wis., but had to endure the long process again when she went to cast her vote. Not only was it fun to compile a story on one voters experience but it was also really cool to sit there and watch it all happen. I believe the real-time experience helps to tell the story later. Walking through her first presidential voting experience with Ibanez live on the scene made it much easier to show her experience than it would been trying to describe it in a written, post-voting interview piece.