AJC should be renamed Associated Press II

I am honestly disappointed. For a website I was told was considered a good political publication in the South I have found little original political coverage. Click through the series of headlines below on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's political site for the 2012 GOP and every single article has an Associated Press byline. I understand budgets are short but you don't have to buy a plane ticket to go cover each and every story live. All you need is a phone. 

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 9.25.06 PM.png

Other than the extreme lack of content it seems as if from this feed of stories that AJC has moved from predominantly Newt Gingrich to Mitt Romney even thought Jim Galloway's blog headline is Newt Gingrich's Georgia backer in Congress say they'll stick with him. Romney's name is mentioned above in five headlines plus a dominant picture. Barack Obama is also named five. Gingrich once – in Galloway's post. The dominant story above, though, Scorching talk: Romney, Obama battle over economy, I think is an extremely relevant topic to be covering at this point. The article describes the tug-of-war struggle Romney and Obama are currently battling when it comes to American economics. 

Obama has used the "silver spoon" reference before, but he makes a good point here stating the obvious difference between Romney and himself and showing the American people how he can relate to the position recession has created for many in the country. Romney had his own comeback for that, though. He recalled the last Democratic National Convention when Obama walked through Greek-like columns to the stage. "You're not going to see President Obama standing alongside Greek columns," Romney said. "He's not going to want to remind anyone of Greece because he's put us on a road to become more like Greece." Although not official, we can see where this GOP race is headed: A one way ticket to Obama/Romney chaos.