Gingrich takes Georgia by storm

When it comes down to the numbers Mitt Romney took six of the 10 states on Super Tuesday, March 6. Rick Santorum placed second with three and Newt Gingrich of course overtook in his former representative home, Georgia. Ron Paul while close in Virginia and somewhat in North Dakota won none.

As for what the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's elections page provided for my viewing pleasure, it wasn't much. The night of Super Tuesday I watched the headlines change as each candidate took their states. However, there was no table of counts, no real live updates for what the polls were looking like in each state, no way to know what was going on without hitting the refresh icon at the top of the page. I want graphics. Instead, this is what I found: 

When it comes to content I was able to read two original AJC pieces. One announcing Gingrich's Georgia win and the other a timed update starting at 6 p.m. that night with a tweet-length write up and ending two hours later after announcing Romney had captured Massachusetts. According to the AJC piece on Gingrich's hometown victory, Gingrich wins Georgia, voters cite the economy, he will be fixated on the Deep South from now on according to AJC's Political Insider, Jim Galloway's blog post. Former Georgia Senator, John Douglas, made the comment that, “It’s an indication that true conservative Republicans are looking for an alternative to Romney and Newt is the man." The results said differently, though. One group of Gingrich's dancing supporters said, "We are like the Rockettes. We just kick a little lower and we move a little slower." Which, really, sums up his entire campaign as of late: slow.

And, since the AJC is lacking in fun election graphics I chose to surf a little and landed on the Huffington Post. Here I was able to find the Who's Ahead and Pollster info-graphics. And after this week Romney holds the lead in almost all category's with the exception of Twitter followers and the Super PAC support and attack count. And, surprisingly Gingrich is leading the social media 'twitterverse' popularity by a landslide with close to 1.5 million and more than 3,000 tweets. Odd, but at least it shows he's trying to catch up with this generation.