Michigan: A tale of two Republicans

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Two went in the ring throwing punches and one came out with the glove held high. That happened to be former Michigan resident Mitt Romney. After his victory Romney said he recognized his mistakes and has since set his focus on upcoming Super Tuesday on March 6.

I was most surprised to see that Romney really took very little of the state of Michigan. Santorum, although the loser here, won the majority of the state. My biggest disappointment wasn't so much with the race, even if Santorum did take my county. Again, it seems as if the Atlanta Journal-Constitution doesn't seem to care about sending a reporter to follow the campaign trail. Every article about the last two races have been submitted from the Associated Press.  The only two pieces that did not consisted of two political bloggers, Jamie Dupree and Jim Galloway. This is my home state and while I know that if I look at any newspaper in Michigan I will find a reporter that went it is still disappointing that the only ones that seem to care enough are those that technically have no choice but to care: the Associated Press. 

Now, onto the facts. In an AP article, Romney wins Ariz. and Mich. on economy, experience, created a list of reasons for Romney's victory calling attention to specific aspects of his campaign that he excelled at. According to the article, in both Arizona and Michigan the experience of the candidate mattered to 1 in 5 voters, with Romney taking the lead. It also stated that the debates did not mean as much as they did in South Carolina and Florida and that similar religious beliefs were a factor, which Rick Santorum held his ground. 

In Santorum's case, he says the race isn't over. In another article posted on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution from AP the losing half of the duo said he would claim partial victory by wounding his rival taking an equal half of the 30 delegates in Michigan just as Super Tuesday is closing in. Santorum's strategy was to rally Michigan Democrats to vote against Romney which the latter stated as deceptive and dirty.  Santorum also referred to himself as a conservative "heavyweight," – which Ron Paul might disagree with after accusing Santorum of being a fake conservative a week ago.