Jumping Into The Food & Wine Industry

When I started writing for my journalism classes and for student media at Marquette I never thought of myself writing about food or wine, let alone in a foreign country. But this is what my goal was in coming here, doing something new, and although I do enjoy food I have never been an expert. My favorite part of journalism, though, has always been learning new aspects of media. So, covering food and wine, piece of cake, right? 

It's been my first week working for Ireland's Food & Wine Magazine and I didn't waste any time jumping into work for the magazine – I like it that way. I had to learn on the fly and start writing what they call 'furniture' pieces, which are the consistent pages that occur in each issue. Monday I started the book review page where I wrote quick 70-80 word blurbs for six different cookbooks and contacted their publishers for photos. Tuesday's task was to finish the copy for books and start on a sidebar graphic for the restaurant reviews page. Today will be focused on research with our editor-in-chief on a travel piece for the August issue as well as filling copy for the cocktail page.  

I was a little hesitant and quite my first day, as any new intern might be, but then I started talking with some of the other girls in the editorial room who worked with different magazines. Harmonia, the publishing company that runs Food & Wine, also publishes seven other magazines. During lunch we started talking about the recent Miss America pageant and the question that was asked of Miss Utah and then the previous 2007 Miss South Carolina question fiasco. Although they were making fun of Americans, they had a valid point. 

The workplace I imagined is drastically different. Although I have never worked in a magazine setting, the laid back pace is something unique to Irish culture, and maybe European culture in general. But over all I like it. There's pressure to get stuff done but not too much where I feel overwhelmed. I'm sure things will change in the coming weeks but for now I'll just enjoy my time with Food & Wine.