Observatory Court Arrival

Being the only Marquette student in this program I was initially nervous about the group I would be living with for the next two months in Dublin. Taxi's came and went from 6 Observatory Court the past two days and now eight strangers are living together – seems like an episode of The Real World, I know. We're off to a good start, though. As far as the apartment goes, four bedrooms, three and a half bath, kitchen and living room with a couple balconies to watch the tennis and cricket matches below at the Leinster Sports Complex, sounds like a sweet deal to me. 

First orders of business were naps, showers and unpacking. Then, to the grocery store for some essentials. And finally, exploring and grabbing some pub grub with a few of the new crew members to wrap up our first day.

Although it may get a bit cramped fighting for bathroom times, the biggest perk of this amazing house is that fact that I actually get to live in Dublin for the next two months. I can simply pass some time people watching from the balcony, or take a short 15-minute walk down the street to the city centre and explore whenever I feel the need for something new. My goals for the next couple days: St. Stephens Green, Grafton Street, Temple Bar and, of course, meet some new people. 


Erin CaugheyComment