Getting To Know Dublin Is A Walk In The Park

Yes, that pun was intended since Sunday I decided to set off in search of Dublin's St. Stephen's Green. As former NPR Correspondent Eric Weiner said best in his book The Geography of Bliss  – "where we are is vital to who we are." So I took his advice and began to my solo excursion of finding out exactly where I was with just a general idea of the area and no map to guide me. And I think a walk in Dublin's most popular park offered me just a little bit of that bliss that Weiner was writing about. 

It was nice to see people out enjoying themselves walking along the Grand Canal, lounging in St. Stephen's Green or meandering through Grafton Street. The Green is relaxing and beautifully designed by William Sheppard in 1880. Because the last two days have been Dublin's warmest summer weather in years – according to a couple locals I've talked to – and crowds of locals and tourists were sun bathing, having picnics, reading or spending time with kids on the playground.

St. Stephen's northwest entrance leads directly to Grafton St. where the scene reminded me of a smaller-scale Carnaby Street in London. Both are nothing like I've ever seen in the U.S.

And now after a short delay trying to figure out some new editing softwares, have a look at the short video of my walking tour. It's a little shaky since I'm just getting used to my GoPro camera but still beautiful nonetheless.


Next areas to explore on the list: O'Connell Street and the Liffy, Taste of Dublin, Belfast and Bloomsday events.