Like The Locals Do

There are always those obvious differences between yourself and the locals when you are living in a foreign country, but with Ireland I didn't expect too drastic a difference. I mean, they speak English, just with an accent, the weather is just like good old Michigan and there are pubs around every corner (obviously) just like what could be that shockingly different? 

Now, I thought I was a fast walker back home, always passing people on the sidewalk and trying to hurry my friends up to get to our final destination, but I guess I've never met a Dubliner. Within the first week walking to work I realized I was being passed on both sides by locals making their morning commute. 

Yesterday though, after five weeks, I realized I was the one walking fast with the rest of them, passing the large tour groups and cruising by the gawkers of Grafton Street and Temple Bar. That's when I realized I've become a local – well as local as I can be. And of course, being the girl that dreams of travel and new cultures every other day, I love it! Short and sweet, Dublin is another one of those new places I've come to consider home and one I'm going to be very sad to leave in just a few short weeks.