On the NPR listening bandwagon

With my first inquiry on National Public Radio's website I will admit to having judged the organization by its homepage. I saw a lot of politics, a lot of breaking stories – which is not bad by any means – but a lack of visible homepage feature content discouraged me. 

I started my NPR beat assignments reading the majority of its content, listening to a program only every once in a while. Now, I find myself slacking on the reading and becoming more attuned with my listening skills. 

Since the beginning it's been the sites blogosphere that attracts me most. 

The blogs and individual programs are what add variety to NPR's content. I also  find that the special series' offered are unique to the public radio's site. With any content that is taken as special interest by readers a series is made, one of which was Reflecting On Sept. 11, 2011. Lately I have frequented one with content from personal connections and records sent in from around America: StoryCorps. These accounts bring short personal profiles front and center.