Branding bad?

As journalists, building a name for ourselves is the first thing to do in the publication world. But has it caused more harm than glory? National Public Radio addressed just this in its series The News Tip with a section dedicated to branding yourself and what it could actually mean for journalists. The idea is that although the individual is making a name for themselves it is because of the organization behind them that the name succeeds. 

"After leaving a major channel, a journalist's brand could become self-sustaining, but a big consequence of leaving is a smaller audience and perhaps less influence," NPR's media correspondent Dave Folkenflik said. One example of this is Conan O'Brien who, after losing his prime time spot on NBC was forced to work twice as hard to obtain an audience when placed on TBS.

Let's face it, we aren't all like Donald Trump. Journalism makes it hard for an individual to make a name when the publication they work for comes first.