NPR practices social media

Although social media is not a rare site with the majority of news sites, National Public Radio has made me look a little closer at their postings. With its Twitter streams in particular it doesn't just carry one handle, but several different one for each of its major sections like, @nprnews@nprbooks@nprmusic@nprpolitics and just regular @npr. Those are just to name a few.

Tumblr is also a source on which NPR relies. This blog site is less formal and NPR's main use of it is as a photo, fun fact, brief story and video generator. The majority of bloggers link to other news media sites but rarely have I found a major publication that uses it regularly, even in a light-hearted manner like the public radio does. This type of parameter can help boost a wider following. Appealing to wide-spread audiences is the goal, after all. 

This actually brings us to Time Magazine's Style Section Tumblr account, which mainly consists of celebrity and model photos. The photo above is from the Times' publication account but as you can see its first and only post came on April 4. For a organization that prides itself on timeliness it sure is slacking. 

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