Adults have issues with Pledge of Allegiance

National Public Radio content is based on writing for the ear. The audio from All Things Considered, in the article "Parents Fight Over Pledging Allegiance In Schools," provide more emotion content by using recordings from interviewees.

The debate over whether pledging allegiance in school is right or wrong is causing a greater uproar among parents than it is among their children. "If you wanna do it, it's cool to do it, but if you don't want to do it, you just sit in your seat and wait till it's over and it's no big deal," said fourth-grader Milena Kitterman. 

For Martin Rosenthal, a resident in Brookline Mass., where the problem began, threatening phone calls and letters make his opinion even stronger. Accused of socialism and being consistently ridiculed by community members has only made Rosenthal's claim of conformity gain recognition.

Although the writing and audio are nearly exact, it gives viewers two choices leading to the same conclusion: storytelling adapts.