Live-tweeting not a priority

National Public Radio has multiple Twitter accounts that cover all pages and blogs on its website. Observing these accounts, though, I do not notice many instances where live tweeting is used. 

NPR relies on live blogging the most. These blogs are in a similar fashion to Twitter. Through continuous posting of information every one to five minutes after breaking news, it posts longer form updates. The two-way takes control of NPR's live blogs with major events like: Obama's "Twitter Town Hall,"  and 9/11s ten year anniversary special series Reflecting on Sept. 11, 2001.

Its social media home page  provides all of its network information for different social sites like, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook and tumblr. The page states that it is a way for "NPR's journalists and staff to engage with our public."

With no video content on its main page NPR relies on its YouTube channel to generate traffic and contain enough original and affiliated organization media to cover the medium. Tumblr is used as another blog site, basing its content on photos, videos and quotes in a more informal manner. Facebook caters to the sites radio programs, with 12 having their own page. And Twitter is not its focal point but readers can follow nprnewsnprmusic and many other NPR affiliates.