NPR: A twist on news and features

The difference in medium coverage compared to traditional news sources like the New York Times and CNN is what makes  National Public Radio appealing. NPR, like the program's name hints, focuses on the audio aspect of multimedia content.

Many media sites dedicate a section to entertainment. NPR has a entire section dedicated to music – which is one aspect I found unique. It provides concert venues, a 24/7 music station, blogs and offers a wide variety of music oriented news – which would not normally make onto a print budget list. 

Much of the websites written stories are complemented with an audio portion, or vice versa, from one of NPR's many programs – the most popular being All Things Considered and Fresh Air on news, among many others. These talk shows can be compared to blogs, and many are included within a specific NPR page's blog. 

One blog I found most interesting is based on pop culture called, Monkey See. Its main coverage is entertainment based, but it also follows some technology ideas along with a purely audio blog post known as Pop Culture Happy Hour.

Navigation is made simple with the tabs that highlight NPR's main headings – news, arts & life, music, and programs – which also include podcasts – for those on-the-go listeners – and hourly news links. NPR does cater to an audio heavy audience, but does not shy away from written stories.