Audio news site remembers a great voice

Andy Rooney may not have been the most extravagant speaker or exciting storyteller, but he had a voice and writing style that pleased the ear. Using sound written for the ear is the only accurate way National Public Radio could possibly piece together the parts of Rooney's life for a remembrance

The New York Times obituary on Rooney provided a more extended look at the commentators background than NPR; however, the public radio website puts an emphasis on multimedia while the the Times focused on the writing – both were a part of Rooney's life. 

This week's series on CBS's show 60 minutes is dedicated to that very man. Remembering Andy Rooney covers from 1978, his first commentary, to 2011, his retirement. Between the three webpages Rooney has received an extensive remembrance. One that he would probably criticize as well as appreciate.