China's reign

To my surprise China's biggest asset in resources seems to be Australia. With $33.99 billion in investments, Australia owes much of it's financial prospers to its metal and energy resources that are of use to the Chinese. The map also points out the countries financial reach as well. In the United States over half of China's invested $28.08 billion lies in our nations finances. If not for the chinese market our economy might be completely diminished. This goes for the United Kingdom too, as close to half of their financial state lies with the chinese. 

The NPR series also contains talk of the multiple countries to which China's power is spreading. With trading in Brazil, expansion in Kenya, military developments concerning India, economic battles in Italy, population growth in Nigeria, violations in Greece and ties in Kazakhstan – just to name a few – China has the world wondering how much is too much? And where will the influence finally stop?

According to an article written by NPR's Rob Gifford, China's Rise: A Quest To 'Hug the World'?, the powerhouse wants to emphasize that its appearance on the global map is one of peacefulness. "We never try to change the world. We just like to hug the world. It's peaceful; don't worry," 24-year-old teacher of Thailand Xiang Huanxin, said. But many doubt this claim. "The risk, of course, is that they are making the world a little nervous and they don't even have to be bad to do that — just the fact that a country the size of China is rising so fast is very destabilizing for the world," David Zweig, a professor from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said.