Looking into new literature

Being the avid reader I claim to be, I have been slacking on my goal to read the 12 books I have sitting unread on my bookshelf. National Public Radio's book section has only added to the problem. Looking through the Holidays 2011 series, the Best Books of 2011 section immediately caught my eye. 

Put a cute animal picture on a page and I will click on it, so Booksellers' Picks: Catch the Year's Freshest Reads, was an automatic go-to thanks to the fishing penguins. Lucia Silva, a book buyer at Portrait of a Bookstore sellers in Studio City, Calif., listed two books whose main ideas revolved around just that: books. Unpacking My Library by Leah Price and Forgotten Bookmarks by Michael Popek reminded me how much the digital age has taken over. Personally I refuse to have anything to do with eBooks, I want to feel the pages between my fingers that has made these books my new top picks.

I have a soft spot for old fashion stories. Rona Brinlee's picks from The BookMark revolve around this theme and therefore is my perfect list. Titles like On Canaan's Side by Sabastian Barry and Rules of Civility by Amor Towles bring history and fiction full circle. And then throwing in an odd title, Pasta By Design by George L. Legendre, Brinlee adds variety through what is essentially a series of descriptions on artistic masterpieces of food and how to sculpture the perfect pasta concoctions. Needless to say I am in trouble and Christmas cannot come soon enough to curb my recreational reading hunger. 

Erin CaugheyComment