Seven Billion: Strong, or Weak?

A baby in the Philippines is famous as of yesterday according to National Public Radio. We (the world) hit seven billion and surpassed it by thousands in the same day. With the birth rates higher than todays death rate, it's a wonder the world isn't falling out of orbit because of the sheer weight it holds. 

The site may contradict itself in this estimate, though. In its news blog post, 7 Billion People? Yes, Give Or Take 56 Million, on The two-way Monday. NPR reported that according to the United Nations there is an uncertainty as to whether a six month count prior to or after the Oct. 31, 2011 due date is more accurate in the population prediction.

National Geographic is also making sure everyone knows about the seven billion count. The magazine has created an iPad App along with multiple videos, one of which NPR used in another blog posting, Find Your Spot Among World's 7 billion And Meet The 'Most Typical Person'.   

According to The two-way blog post, the 'Most Typical Person' holds the following characteristics: 

  • Male
  • 28-years-old (the global median age)
  • Right-handed
  • Christian
  • Speaks Mandarin
  • Owns a cell phone
  • Does not have a car or bank account
  • Makes less than $12,000 a year

Watch this video then decide, will you be on of the worlds most typical soon?