Completing phase one: Chicago River vs. Asian carp

As the end of my first semester with the O'Brien Fellowship closed up in early December our interactive timeline we had created as a supplement to Dan Egan's report on the Army Corps' newest study was waiting patiently for publishing. Now, a couple months later and with a few edits for clarification it's finally been posted alongside Egan's piece from Feb. 8. 

The few changes that were made were done through meetings with projects editor, Greg Borowski and Egan going over copy, images, consistency and fact checking. There were two experiences throughout the process stuck with me most: First, being able to go into a project meetings and bounce ideas off multiple editors in both the visual and editorial aspect was a great representative of the developing newsroom culture. Second, talking with Egan on a regular basis gave me the opportunity to really delve into the subject matter and learn his story building process. 

My favorite aspect of the project, though, was talking with interactive developer Emily Yount. It was interesting to see how previous projects came together and then visualizing how Egan's series could look, especially with interactive material. 

Overall I don't believe the feeling of having something published with the Journal Sentinel has fully sunk in. Maybe because I am still midway through the year or perhaps because I know Egan's topic will be relevant for years to come, with multiple new layers to the story. It is even showing an international presence on BBC's homepage.