First month defined by multimedia

Within my first month at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as one of the inaugural O'Brien Fellowship Intern I have done a little bit of everything when it comes to multimedia.  I've written sidebar items, worked with interactive maps, shot and edited photos and video, coded specific elements and re-produced a webpage. All of this for Dan Egan's Great Lakes series and all in preparation for further projects. 

A Watershed Moment, originally published 2/09/15.

Although my main focus remains on the Great Lakes project I am contributing to multiple aspects of the series. Perhaps my favorite part thus far has been re-working Egan's already published series, "A Watershed Moment," to fit the Journal Sentinel's project template in preparation for the next series. To do this I have learned to use two new content management systems: Newsgate and Clickability. Using these tools along with basic coding knowledge I have transformed Egan's first O'Brien project, originally published February 2014 (shown on the right), into a full screen layout (below). 

Obviously this was a bit of a learning curve. What takes Jennifer Amur, the projects web designer/producer, a few hours took me a few days. The biggest takeaway has been seeing how everything came together. Starting with the first projects meeting last fall, then working to plan each aspect of the series with JS staff members and finally, physically taking each part and repurposing a web page so that presents the story more dynamically.