Erin Caughey

The price of
being wrong

Newborn screening saves babies, but lives can be shattered when state labs ignore science and common sense.

ROLE: Front-end web development and story production


Sherman Park turmoil

Breaking news coverage of Milwaukee's Sherman Park turmoil in August 2016.

ROLE: Front-end web development and breaking news production

Sherman Park Timeline

A timeline of events leading up to the August 2016 unrest in Milwaukee's Sherman Park neighborhood.

Role: Front-end web development



Journey to Jordan

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Mark Johnson and photojournalist Mark Hoffman followed a group of Wisconsin doctors, nurses and volunteers to a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan.

ROLE: Front-end web development and production of series 

Beer Near

Beer is a part of Wisconsin's heritage just like cheese and the Packers. Beer Near, a guide to the state's breweries and brewpubs, will help you navigate that legacy.

ROLE: Front-end web development


Land & Space
development database

Land & Space Development Database follows newly completed and ongoing commercial projects throughout the Milwaukee area. The list includes apartment buildings, shopping centers, office developments, industrial projects and, of course, breweries.

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On Feb. 20, 1976, freshman John Zera disappeared from Franklin High School. Forty years later, the murder case remains unsolved.

AWARDSNational Edward R. MurrowASNESPJ Sigma Delta ChiNational Headliner and SFJ Excellence-in-Features

ROLE: Digital project management, front-end web development and production


Scott Walker File

Tracking Wisconsin's governor and the 2016 presidential campaign.

ROLE: Front-end web development and production

Precious Lives

The Precious Lives project is a collaboration between the Journal Sentinel, 371 Productions and other media partners focusing on youth gun violence in Milwaukee, Wis.

ROLE: Design, development and production of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Precious Lives content


A Watershed Moment

Contributed to Dan Egan's reporting on the damage caused by invasive species to the Great Lakes and lays out the bold steps that could be taken to restore and protect the world’s largest freshwater system.

AWARDSAlfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award

ROLE: Produced series and contributed research, video and photos


Uncharted Waters

 story | video

ROLE: Reporter

Congressional Travel

story | interactive

ROLE: Reporting and development contributions