MNNS - Managing Chronic Diabetes 

Milwaukee NNS diabetes special project microsite created by Marquette's online editing and design class. 

Milwaukee NNS diabetes special project microsite created by Marquette's online editing and design class. 

As part of a Marquette journalism online editing and design class taught by Daria Kempka we designed and built a special projects microsite for the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service published May 13, 2014. Stephanie Graham, Alec Brooks and Alex Busbee and myself were in charge of developing a responsive site while two other teams were in charge of designing graphics and post-launch engagement. 

Select Milwaukee Part One

For the first project for the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service partner Heather Ronaldson and I focused on Select Milwaukee as a community homeownership service. The idea was to concentrate on a benefactor and a beneficiary of the organization to profile for the news service. Ray Schmidt, executive director of Select Milwaukee, was our benefactor. The audio slideshow we produced using Final Cut Pro X was based on how Schmidt and the organization participated in Milwaukee homeownership. 

Select Milwaukee Part Two – LISC

For part two of our Select Milwaukee multimedia story Ronaldson and I ran into a bit of a road block. Unable to connect with the beneficiary after multiple tries we ended up working with Local Initiatives Support Corp. (LISC), an intermediary group that helps Select Milwaukee with community initiatives. Executive Director, Leo Ries, explained the programs in which the two organizations cooperated. This half of the project was put together quickly due end end of the semester but was non-the-less a learning process when it came to deadline completion. 

Pilarz Inauguration Storify

With the retirement of the Rev. Robert Wild during the 2010-11 school year the inauguration of Marquette University's 23rd president commenced on Sept. 23, 2011. With the introduction of Storify as a social media tool in my Journalism 1550 class with professor Herbert Lowe the class was assigned to cover the installment of the Rev. Scott Pilarz as Wild's predecessor. The assignment was to live tweet the event using the hashtage #muprez and #JOUR1550 in order to compile a series of tweets, photos and videos to incorporate into each of our Storify pieces. As a group the class worked together throughout the inauguration ceremony to write a detailed story on events of the day from processions to speeches.

One At Marquette

When assigned the One At Marquette photo story the challenge was finding a character on campus that was unique and held an interesting story. As many did I chose a friend who had an exceptionally odd lifestyle at school. And when I say odd I mean busy, a type of busy that many might not be able to handle as a full time student but somehow Arica VanBoxtel can whether the stress. Following her around campus and observing her in three different work environments was both amusing and exhausting.