Erin Caughey
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Lessons Lost

Tracking the impact of student mobility on performance.

ROLE: Graphic development contributions, project management and production

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Mexico blackouts investigation

A database of victim reports from people who had troubling – in some cases tragic – experiences while drinking alcohol in Mexico.

ROLE: Database design contributions and upkeep


Beer Near

An interactive guide to every Wisconsin brewery and brew pub.

ROLE: Front-end development and database upkeep

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The price of
being wrong

Newborn screening saves babies, but lives can be shattered when state labs ignore science and common sense.

ROLE: Front-end web development and story production


Land & Space Development database

Land & Space Development Database follows newly completed and ongoing commercial projects throughout the Milwaukee area.

ROLE: Design and front-end development contributions

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Uncharted Waters

story | video

ROLE: Reporter

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AWARDS: National Edward R. Murrow, ASNE, SPJ Sigma Delta Chi, National Headliner and SFJ Excellence-in-Features

ROLE: Project management, front-end web development for both seasons


How I became a Packers fan...

Sharing the stories of Packers fans and mapping the fandom throughout the franchises 100th season.

ROLE: Development and data maintenance

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A Watershed Moment

Contributed to Dan Egan's reporting on invasive species in the Great Lakes and the steps that could be taken to protect the world’s largest freshwater system.

AWARDS: Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award

ROLE: Series production, research, video and photos

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50-Year Ache

A year long series on the progress of Milwaukee since the 1967 open housing marches.

ROLE: Front-end development

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Oil and Water

A look at the two 64-year-old pipes at the bottom of the Straits of Mackinac, and what it could mean for Wisconsin if they are shut down.

ROLE: Storyboarding and design of introduction graphic, front-end design for series


A Time to Heal

A look at the challenge facing Milwaukee and similar high-poverty cities who experience high levels of trauma.

AWARDS: National Press Foundation's Mattingly Award

ROLE: Project management and series design


Congressional Travel

Analysis and mapping of the 125 trips Wisconsin delegates took from 2008-2014.

ROLE: Co-reporting, interactive map development


Milwaukee 50 social checklist

Share how many of Milwaukee’s top restaurants you’ve eaten at.

ROLE: Development

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Graduate project

Final project for a Data Visualization and Presentation course at the University of Kansas.

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Bad Medicine

Following doctors who've been disciplined, are still practicing in multiple states, and aren't always tracked by medical boards.

ROLE: Development contributions, series production


Bradley Blueprint

Analysis of leaked documents from the Bradley Foundation.

ROLE: Series design and production


What happened to us?

Examining Milwaukee's persistent problems through the eyes of one class

ROLE: Introduction development contributions, series design and production

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How the Lincoln Hills crisis unfolded

A timeline of the series of incidents that unfolded at Lincoln Hills youth prison leading to its closure.

ROLE: Timeline curation, development and index design


Illness Inflation

How everyday conditions become medical disorders.

ROLE: Design and development contributions, series production